Quality Real Estate Appraisals. Excellent Service.

For years, mortgage lenders and consumers, as well as other real estate professionals, have depended on our expertise to provide high-quality value estimates on all sorts of homes in Grand Traverse, Benzie and Leelanau Counties.  By continuously keeping up with local real estate trends  and staying current on valuation techniques through accredited courses, we've been consistently able to generate reliable home valuations for people just like you.

Leading appraisal experts for:

  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Removal
  • Estate Planning and Valuation
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Tax Assessment Disputes
  • Retrospective Valuations
  • Employee Relocation
  • REO Valuations

North Wing Appraisal


Technology plays a prominent part in how North Wing Appraisal does business. It helps keep costs down while maintaining superb quality and responsive service.   We also believe that regardless of the business, service is the top reason a client comes, goes, repeats or gives your number to others.  We keep this in mind whether you're talking to us on the phone, in e-mail or talking in person.   Our goal is simply an unsurpassed experience for our clients.   Call North Wing Appraisal today. We guarantee you'll see the difference, too.

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Today's Rates

Mtg Loan Rate APR
30-yr Fixed 4.55% 4.7%
15-yr Fixed 4.01% 4.22%
1-yr Adj 2.76% 3.42%
* national averages
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Mortgage News Daily:
What Exactly is "Mass Timber" and Why Should We Care?
11/14/2019 3:59 PM
Posted To: MND NewsWireLook closely and you will see that a lack of new home construction is behind almost every problem facing housing today. Residential construction has simply not recovered from the financial crisis and the experts see it only growing worse. Freddie Mac"s economists estimated the long-term shortfall b...Read More
MBS RECAP: Bonds Make Case For a Comeback
11/14/2019 3:58 PM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryBy the end of last week, although there was potentially a sliver of hope afforded by Friday's highs being slightly lower than Thursday's, it looked like bonds were punching out of the massive 2019 rally and embarking on the new trend toward higher rates. But the new week of...Read More
Mortgage Rates Are Actually LOWER This Week
11/14/2019 3:24 PM
Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates moved lower again today. Whereas it was a bit easier to be dismissive about recent improvements, they"re starting to add up at this point. Granted, we"re not talking about anything other than a return to the rates seen on November 6th, but for anyone who was rate sho...Read More
MBS Day Ahead: Should The Last Trend Get a Do-Over?
11/14/2019 8:32 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryBonds gave us quite a scare last week as key technical ceilings gave way. High volume and concrete fundamental justification added validity to the move. Combine that with the massive size and old age of the 2019 rally and there was more than just a small reason to be concerned. To ...Read More
Broker, Marketing, DPA Tools; GSE Changes; Yield Curve, Employment, and Mortgage Rates
11/14/2019 7:54 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressSome people save $2.95 a day by making coffee at home rather than stopping at Dunkin’ or Starbucks. It adds up! Something didn’t add up for WeWork which reported this morning that it lost $1.25 billion in the 3rd quarter. I think that’s the combined...Read More
Mortgage Rates Continue Much-Needed Recovery
11/13/2019 4:44 PM
Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates have been more willing to move higher than lower recently. While that may continue to be the case in the near-term future, there have been pockets of resistance to that trend. The first 2 days of this week seem to be just such a pocket. The direction of the movement ...Read More
MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Fight Back, But This is Still "Bearish Limbo"
11/13/2019 9:03 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe most defining moment of the big 2019 bond rally was undoubtedly the August 1st tariff announcement and the resulting massive reaction in both yields and volumes. The 2 weeks that followed represented the market's attempt to price in a scenario where global trade tensions wo...Read More
Underwriting, Broker, ECOA, Free LPMI Products; Fire AND Flood Updates
11/13/2019 7:57 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressI continue to see headlines as I head to balmy Kansas today. There was, “A Court Ruling Makes Mortgages Vanish Into Thin Air.” This is a headline no lender wants to see, but apparently this court decision might change how home loans are valued in the seco...Read More
Access to Conventional/Jumbo Credit Increased in October
11/13/2019 7:35 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireAccess to government loans continues to decline, but conventional and jumbo loans picked up the slack in October, pushing the Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI) higher. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said the Index grew by 0.9 percent to 185.1 in October. A decline in the MCAI indica...Read More
Consumers Shaky Again on Whether it"s a Good Time to Buy
11/13/2019 7:26 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireOnce again the "Good Time to Buy" component of Fannie Mae"s Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) is on the decline. Net positive answers to that question fell by 7 percentage points in October , helping to drag the entire index lower for the second straight month. The HPSI decreased 2.7 points to 8...Read More

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